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Accredited Installers
Accredited installers

Our accredited installers aren’t just trained in the fine art of installing and recording the boom. system via our sophisticated app; these installation ninjas will make sure that all engineering standards are met – and exceeded. Because at boom. we’re just a little obsessed with quality, consistency and keeping you – and your business – safe.

Design Responsibility
Design responsibility

All those bureaucratic balustrade obligations are a thing of the past: boom. will take all the pain out of the paperwork by completing all form 3 documentation and submitting these to your local council. We’ll do all that’s necessary to pave the way for building permission. And by using our accredited installers and products, your installation will be recorded via our app to guarantee engineering compliance certification. Boom! and it’s done.

Project Management
Project management

We’ve perfected the art of project management. Use boom.’s accredited installers and products, and a boom. representative will manage your balustrade project free of charge, ensuring a punctual and pain-free installation.

Research And Development
Research and development

Our R&D department won’t rest until we’ve turned your brilliant ideas and design intents into cost-effective, fully compliant and certifiable products. Just provide us with a blueprint – or even a basic sketch – of your proposed balustrade, along with your contact details, and we’ll do the rest.

Website And Schedules
Website and schedules

Our product catalogue and compliance schedules are fully accessible and make it easy for you to navigate our balustrade range. Our Revit drawings can be downloaded by architects and draughtsmen to incorporate into their designs. And by specifying boom. products, they’ll be assured of compliance and quality – at a killer price.

End To End Solution
End-to-end solution

boom. builds a bold end-to-end barrier solution, from design right through to R&D, from installation to project management – and we’ll do it so seamlessly, you’ll barely know we’re there. Just pop in for a free estimate and, on acceptance, get free submission of design responsibility and free engineer certification. It’s that simple, start to finish.

Training And Accreditation
Training and accreditation

We’ve put our product range training in reach of all installers – because we believe that quality and capability are too good to keep to ourselves. Through our training programme, we’ll make sure that installers become experts in understanding the boom. process, boom. products and the boom. installation app. Once accredited, these boom. boffins will receive the maximum discounts and support.

Compliancy And Certification
Compliancy and certification

According to the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (No. 103 of 1977), balustrades are, by definition, structural safety features, and so they need to be designed, inspected and certified by a structural engineer. It’s a no-brainer! That’s why boom. guarantees certification if boom. products are used, boom. installers are deployed, and the boom. process is followed to perfection.

boom. is the only company that does this utterly free of charge, and we’re also the founding member of the Balustrade Association of South Africa. Because we’re really stoked on safety and security.


Maintenance means everything to us – because after-care is never an afterthought with us. And because balustrade inspection is required by law, boom. offers inspection and testing services, as well as maintenance contracts for all our products. We’ll inspect and give reliable estimates on the structural integrity of existing balustrade installations, making sure each installation serves its purpose and guarantees our clients’ and the public’s safety.