Balustrades by boom.
Nov 12, 2018

Balustrades by boom.

The Importance of Balustrades and Where to Get Them

Balustrades have stood the test of time. These architectural barriers are created to provide a building occupant with a safe barrier. Balustrades are usually required where there is an elevation of 1 m or more. While balustrades form a vital aspect of building in terms of decorative appeal and safety, most people take them for granted. Balustrades date back a long time and they are found in many ancient structures around the world. It is clear that, even all those years ago, several types of balustrades were already in use for both safety and aesthetic appeal, as they are now, so in principle, not much has changed. What has changed beyond measure are the designs and materials used.

Nowadays, balustrades must meet a long list of stringent safety and regulatory requirements prescribed by the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act (No. 103 of 1997). Balustrades must be inspected and certified by a structural engineer before they can be installed. That is why it is of vital importance to ensure that you use a builder or installer that only makes use of certified products.

Where Balustrades are Used

Balustrades are designed to serve a practical purpose. We already know that they are important safety barriers, but where are they predominantly used? By law, balustrades must be used along edges of all stairways and balconies, amongst others. Besides these compulsory applications, you can also use them around pools and patios. While balustrades must comply with safety regulations, they certainly do not have to detract from the aesthetic appeal and style of the building. Steel, glass, and wood are all materials that may be used in the design and manufacture of balustrades. To find a range that suits the building where you will install them, we welcome you to have a look at our range or products.

Where to Find Quality Tested and Certified Balustrades

Shopping around for quality tested and certified balustrades can feel like a tedious task. It can also be perilous, because while there are many balustrades available on the market, not all are certified, and that can delay obtaining building permissions and of course, your plans and schedules. At boom., we have a range of balustrades and they are all certified. And, when you make use of our certified installers and the boom. app, you can rest assured that your building permissions will be granted and that the final result will be compliant with all the relevant building codes. boom. is a company that aims to produce balustrades and barrier systems that provide efficient and reliable safety and security. We can tailor-make a barrier to suit your particular project.

We have a range of services designed to simplify the building process for you. We will supply, install, and guarantee compliance certification of your balustrades when you choose to work with us. What could take weeks to get done, we can get done a great deal quicker. Let the boom. team reduce the hassle and red tape often associated with building permissions and the approval of barrier systems.

For more information and to learn more about our range of balustrades, simply contact boom. via email or telephone today.